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Plan your journey

Type in where you want to go from and where you want to go to. You must put something in the From and To windows.

If you want to leave soon, you can leave the Time and Date areas as they are. You can change the date and time you want to leave, planning your journey between the dates in the Enter a date between... note. Enter a time using the 24 hour clock (09:00 is nine in the morning, 21:00 is nine in the evening). Normally you plan a journey to Leave after a certain time, but you can plan a journey that arrives by a certain time if you prefer - click so the dot is next to Arrive by.

Additional Options

If you click on this link, a new area of the screen will appear.

You may want to travel Via (optional) a particular place. You can type in a locality.

Normally your journey plan will use any Mode of Transport available, bus, air or ferry. If you prefer not to travel by bus, for example, you can click next to Bus to remove the tick in the box. Click again to replace the tick.

You can adjust how the journey planner plans changing from one vehicle to another. You can plan a direct journey if one is available by selecting I don't want to change buses.

The journey planner normally allows 5 minutes to change from one vehicle to another. It uses a slow walk pace and limits walking to 20 minutes. You can change any of these by clicking the boxes and using the sliders.


When you are happy you have the right choices for your journey, click on the Search... link. This will take you to further pages where you can confirm your choices, or you may see this message:

We were unable to find any journey plans with the criteria you have provided. Please amend your journey plan and try again.

You may need to change the From or To boxes or choose another date or time to find a journey.



Please note: The Journey Planner is based on a wide range of data and temporary errors may turn up. The Journey Planner is under constant review.